Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-Lesson Jitters

Well, I am actually nervous about teaching my upcoming lesson on adjectives because I will be viewed by my facilitator and a peer. Also, I am nervous about how my students will behave in class. Although I have told my fourth-graders that someone will be coming into the classroom to observe me, I am not sure that this will be enough to keep them on-task throughout my lesson. I also hope that my students will actually understand what I am teaching them. This is the first whole-group lesson I have ever taught any students, so I am sure you can understand my anxiety.

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  1. Roben,

    It is natural to feel nervous at the idea of being observed, especially when one is not used to teaching a classroom full of students. Preparation really helps. I look forward to hearing how your lesson went.

    3/3 pts