Friday, April 30, 2010

Post Video-Editing Reflection

I thought editing a video would be an all-day long process, but it was not. The experience was actually exciting because now I can add another technology notch to my teaching belt! After viewing my video, I am so shocked to see how I am in "real life". For starters, I cannot believe that I get so choked up on my words. During my focus, one of my students made an outburst, and instead of saying "Quiet.", I said "Quietly." I am a bit embarassed by that. Moving on, it appeared to me that I spent too much time trying to gather my materials for the small-group activity. I did like the way I monitored my students while they were in their small groups, though. I believe this contributed to how well-behaved many of them were. Because of technical difficulties, the cite-lab staff was unable to produce the closure to my lesson. I would really like to know how I "really" wrapped this lesson up. Overall, I see some room for improvement, and I will do my best to work out these kinks.

Post-Lesson Reflection

Okay, I can breathe because my lesson is over. My facilitator said I did a great job. My students, overall, behaved really well. I made sure to remind the students of my expectations for their behavior throughout the lesson. Also, I think that the students enjoyed creating a class menu filled with adjectives. Once I got past the focus of my lesson, I was not as nervous as when I began. Something just came over me and all my anxiety was gone. I did have a bit of technical difficulties before the lesson began, though. The pictures I was going to use for the focus of my lesson were uploaded to my flash drive. Well, my teacher's computer would not accept my flash drive. It was a good thing that I decided to check this before my lesson began. I had enough time to find more images on the internet and save them to a Word document to be saved to the computer. I definitely see the importance of having a back-up plan!

Pre-Lesson Jitters

Well, I am actually nervous about teaching my upcoming lesson on adjectives because I will be viewed by my facilitator and a peer. Also, I am nervous about how my students will behave in class. Although I have told my fourth-graders that someone will be coming into the classroom to observe me, I am not sure that this will be enough to keep them on-task throughout my lesson. I also hope that my students will actually understand what I am teaching them. This is the first whole-group lesson I have ever taught any students, so I am sure you can understand my anxiety.

Final Reflection

Wow, I have learned so much this semester. My methods instructors have taught me so many wonderful lessons to implement into my future classroom. My social education instructor has made me totally look at history and/or social education in a different light. I now see just how to create higher-level questions for my students. My science methods course has really shown me the importance of allowing students the chance to explore a concept before introducing the content. Math is one of my most favorite subjects, now. I understand how using manipulatives will help students comprehend math concepts. In language arts, I completed a number of literacy activities, such as Book Boxes, that will be sure to get the attention of my future students.

Observing my second rotation teacher has truly been a great experience. She is only a second-year teacher, but she has many teaching strategies that I would love to use in my future classroom one day. She has a love for her students and for teaching in general. Her feedback to me has really been constructive. I most certainly value her opinion. Our working relationship went so well, in fact, that she told me I could use her as a reference for employment. This meant a lot to me.

Quest 2 is a work-filled semester, and I was so nervous about embarking upon this workload. Reflecting on this experience, I can see the fruitages of my labor through my reflective and presentation portfolios. I think they both turned out great! I just want to say that although this semester has been the most challenging of my time as a student, I definitely have learned the most from this semester.