Friday, January 29, 2010

My Beginning Reflection

This semester, I have really examined the Quest Professional Attributes like never before because I understand that they are an important part of me becoming a professional. One of the Quest Professional Attributes that I keep at the forefront of my mind is attendance and punctuality. In all honesty, I am not a morning person, meaning I find it extremely difficult to get out of the bed when the alarm sounds. Yet, being a teacher requires that I arrive at my school on time each day to ensure adult supervision of my students. Therefore, I awaken two hours before my arrival time, and I prepare all of my belongings the night before.

Another Professional Attribute I need to give special attention to is the attribute of demeanor. I am somewhat of an introvert when it comes to adult relationships. Of course, I love the little ones, which is why I am choosing the teaching profession. However, I tend to withdraw from socializing with many people just because I hate to be disappointed. This part of my personality will need to be avoided with respect to other faculty members. Team teaching is an essential part of today's school curriculum. I must set aside personal thoughts and feelings, in order to collaborate effectively with my workmates.

I must say that my oral and written communication skills are some of my strong suits. Also, I am enthusiastic about teaching young ones to reach their greatest potentials. To do this, I must possess a high level of organization skills. I would say that I am an organized student and soon-to-be organized teacher.