Friday, April 30, 2010

Post Video-Editing Reflection

I thought editing a video would be an all-day long process, but it was not. The experience was actually exciting because now I can add another technology notch to my teaching belt! After viewing my video, I am so shocked to see how I am in "real life". For starters, I cannot believe that I get so choked up on my words. During my focus, one of my students made an outburst, and instead of saying "Quiet.", I said "Quietly." I am a bit embarassed by that. Moving on, it appeared to me that I spent too much time trying to gather my materials for the small-group activity. I did like the way I monitored my students while they were in their small groups, though. I believe this contributed to how well-behaved many of them were. Because of technical difficulties, the cite-lab staff was unable to produce the closure to my lesson. I would really like to know how I "really" wrapped this lesson up. Overall, I see some room for improvement, and I will do my best to work out these kinks.

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  1. Roben,

    Overall, your lesson sounds like it went well. I would not worry about the "quietly" comment. It is an adverb and can translate into "Speak quietly." You learned what works and what needs some tweaking. I am sorry to hear that you had technical difficulty, though, in editing your closure.

    4/4 pts