Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Midterm Reflection

I have learned so many new teaching strategies and activities to use in my class, thanks to the Methods courses. Math was never a fun subject for me, until now! I think it is in part to the use of manipulatives, such as base-ten blocks and some interesting counters Dr. Wilson has brought in the classroom. In addition, learning new ways to do math problems in contrast to the traditional algorithms I was taught in school really makes this a great learning experience. Completing the science resource file has really given me a wealth of knowledge on the topic I researched. Also, receiving reference lists from my classmates is sure to help me with future science lessons.

I have had some challenges so far in the program. For example, I was placed in a fourth-grade classroom where the Writing TAKS test was greatly emphasized. In all honesty, the teachers felt it to be a challenge for them to allow the Quest students time to fit in any required lessons. To accommodate my teacher, I created lessons that contained writing activities as well as lessons that my teacher could extend into a writing lesson. For this, my teacher seemed appreciative.

As far as the Professional Attributes of attendance/punctuality, demeanor, and written and oral communication that I discussed in the beginning of the semester are concerned, I am on the right path. I have not been tardy or absent to my classes to date. With the Quest 2 workload, I have no choice but to continue working on my oral and written communication skills. Also, in my cluster, we have formed a close-knit community that makes it so much easier for me to work cooperatively and collaboratively.

For the remainder of this semester, I want to learn new teaching strategies that will allow me to keep my students interested and engaged throughout their learning experience. I also want to build working relationships with my classmates that will last throughout my teaching experience.

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